Lisa worked with the Addario Lung Cancer Foundation from 2010-2018.

From 2012 to 2018, the Foundation received consecutive 4-star ratings, the highest possible, from Charity Navigator. 


Scott Santarella Former CEO

When we began working with Lisa four years ago we faced a multitude of challenges: we were a start-up non-profit with unique family dynamics, limited resources and endless opportunities – but we lacked the infrastructure and processes to capitalize on those opportunities. We needed a mediator to oversee strategic discussions and we needed a business coach to help structure goals, objectives and measure outcomes.

Much has changed, all for the better, beginning with strategic direction and focus. Thanks to Lisa, we have worked as a team to develop an outline of a 10-year business plan. Overall internal communication and external messaging has improved dramatically. We increased our revenue by nearly 20% from 2012 to 2013 and expect similar growth in 2014. And, through Lisa’s understanding of the fast-paced and urgent organizational culture, she has helped us focus on teamwork to solve problems and take moments to celebrate our successes.

Lisa is a great listener and has an uncanny ability to identify key components of conversations and help us define the actions needed.   She is also a great objective presence and a voice of reason; she mediates discussion incredibly well and keeps us on task and on track.  As CEO I have also benefitted from Lisa’s willingness to be a sounding board on sensitive topics and issues  – and her insights, suggestions and recommendations are spot on!

I would absolutely recommend Lisa. She is professional, has a very talented skill set, has a unique business perspective, is non-judgmental and shares the passion of her clients.  I think any organization or business seeking to improve their overall efforts, success and growth would benefit from her expertise.

To someone thinking about hiring Lisa I would say, it will be money well spent and more likely, well-earnedfrom the results she will help you and your team attain.

Scott Santarella


Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation


Scott is currently the  CEO of the Global Lyme Alliance