Virtual Meeting Tips for Zoom

A few observations and tips after facilitating over 40 hours of meetings over the past 2 weeks and attending several hours of webinars.

Crisis Checklist

Every crisis creates both challenges & opportunities. When we look back a year from now, what risks will we wish we had identified or taken more seriously? What will we wish we had done sooner? What opportunities will we be glad to have identified…and which ones did we miss? This checklist provide just some of the questions that we should be asking; a completely comprehensive list would be a heck of a lot longer, but this does provide jumping off point to prompt the right additional questions and generate the discussions that will lead your team to make the best possible decisions and not just survive, but come out the other side even stronger.

Communication Best Practices

It's never been more important to get this right – and it’s virtually impossible to OVER communicate.   Use this checklist to create your communication plan.

The Power of One

Stress test your cash with just 6 numbers from the financials.

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