Wondering if coaching is right for you?  Here's what a just a few of our clients have to say...

Brent Bennett

Founder & CEO

"Lisa understands how to dig deep to allow “you” to pull out answers in monthly meetings that might have taken years to take action on.  But be prepared to make some uncomfortable changes. She helps gel the leadership team and creates an environment that is sustainable once she steps out, and she genuinely cares about the outcome.  She believes in “radical candor” which I LOVE and she has helped us to prioritize the hard things first.  Spectra is years ahead of where we would be without her."

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Alma Jeppson

Founder & CEO

"Lisa is willing to ask tough questions and hold people accountable.  She isn't the type that wants to direct your business, she leaves that up to us.  Yet she has an incredible way of helping us figure it out on our own.  I consider her a lifelong friend, strategic business partner and overall one of the most solid individuals (both personally and professionally) I have ever met."

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Scott Santarella



"I would absolutely recommend Lisa. She is professional, has a very talented skill set, has a unique business perspective, is non-judgmental and shares the passion of her clients.  I think any organization or business seeking to improve their overall efforts, success and growth would benefit from her expertise.

To someone thinking about hiring Lisa I would say, it will be money well spent and more likely, well-earned from the results she will help you and your team attain."

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Rod Wacker


"I have had the pleasure of both working with and utilizing the services of Lisa Ridley. As a colleague, Lisa was a team player and provided insightful suggestions when handling client issues. She displayed exceptional business acumen when coaching and consulting with our mutual clients. She could challenge clients with great questions while maintaining excellent client relationships.

As our coach, Lisa facilitated strategic planning sessions for four years.  She kept us on point and productive. We had an excellent outcome to our sessions and will be using her services in the future.

I highly recommend Lisa.   She is a true business professional."

Patty Buffett

General Manager

Buffett's Candies

“I first met Lisa when she was my instructor for a workshop.  During the course, she really impressed me with her knowledge, experience and overall business savvy.  After the course, I had the opportunity to work with her in a one-on-one setting as my coach. 

I knew I would benefit from this experience since I had already witnessed her effectiveness in class.  What I didn’t expect was how much I would benefit. 

Lisa asked the right questions at the right time so that I was able to understand myself better and come to important conclusions about my life.  She provided guidance yet didn’t force any specific direction.  She listened to what was important to me and helped me understand how I was fitting those priorities into my life. 

There is one caveat about Lisa: do not work with her if you are not ready to change.  She gets results because she is a woman of action and she expects action from others.  The great part was that after coaching sessions with Lisa, I felt inspired to take action.  She pushes, motivates and inspires.  What else could you want from a coach?"

Shirley DeLong


“Lisa is a fun and creative executive whose ability to get a team focused and working together toward similarly aligned goals is inspiring. She truly takes an active interest in your business, asks thoughtful questions and gives wise council, prods when necessary, and celebrates achievements large and small. And while she will keep you on time and on task, she will also help you become a better employee, employer & leader. Lisa is a great coach, and I hope to have her with my team for a long time!”