Lisa worked with Landmark from 2010 - 2017; during that time period revenue grew from $1.8M to $50+Million.


Alma Jeppson Founder

I met Lisa at a short lunch presentation she did for our Entrepreneurs group.   What most impressed me about her was the fact that she was genuinely interested in leaving us with useful information for our businesses, rather than trying to sell us a service.  I quickly made the decision to start working with her.

Landmark had just wrapped up a revenue year of $1.8 million when signing on with Lisa.  This current year (2014) Landmark is on track to hit revenue of $20 million.  I can directly attribute this success to having Lisa as a partner on our team.

Here is why:

  • She guided us in truly understanding the correct vision, mission, and values for our company.  Consistently she would challenge us to adhere to the vision/mission/values.  We have had less than 5 people voluntarily leave Landmark as a place of employment. I attribute this to the culture created by collectively striving toward a vision, following the path of the mission, and living our values.
  • We now clearly understand our reasons for successes and failures due to the tracking mechanisms taught by Lisa.  Each department has specific KPIs that they have created which feed up to our main company strategic goal.   We meet often to go over these numbers.  Lisa was instrumental in helping us to set up and then fine tune (monthly) this process.
  • Lisa has been there to give caution for things we may encounter as our business grows.  It has been comforting to have her partnership and direction for those moments.

Out of respect for not writing a novel, those are just a few of the blessings Landmark has received from working with Lisa.    She is willing to ask tough questions and hold people accountable.  She isn't the type that wants to direct your business, she leaves that up to us.  Yet she has an incredible way of helping us figure it out on our own.  I consider her a lifelong friend, strategic business partner and overall one of the most solid individuals (both personally and professionally) I have ever met.

If you ever desire to ask me more about my experience with Lisa, please feel free to call me on my cell.

Alma Jeppson

*Alma successfully exited when Landmark Home Warranty was acquired by American Home Shield.



Landmark Home Warranty
Chris Smith President

Describe the situation when your organization engaged Lisa - what challenges were you facing?

When our organization started working with Lisa we were stagnant and didn’t have a true vision or direction. We lacked identity and purpose. Lisa helped to steer us in the right direction.  She helped us create our vision, mission, values and cultural identity.  We gained insight into who we desired to be as a company and what it would take to get there.  Lisa was hugely important in making this happen.


What positive results have you seen from your work with Lisa – what has changed? 

In the time we worked with Lisa we grew from a company bringing in a couple million dollars a year to a company generating over $50 million a year. During this time our employee base grew from under 20 staff members to almost 300.  Due to this growth, we encountered many challenges and growing pains, and Lisa helped us to navigate through these issues as well as offered insights to overcome obstacles before they became real concerns for us.  She pushed our team to think critically about our business and our people.

What do you value most about the work you and your team did with Lisa…what are one or two things she does well that you really appreciate?

Lisa has many wonderful traits and characteristics but the area she made the most difference for us was in her ability to ask the right questions and help us come to the correct decisions on our own.  The questions she asked were sometime difficult to clearly answer. She has an uncanny ability to call attention to the elephant in the room without having to call it an elephant.  We learned as a team how to properly address difficult issues and come to the most prudent decision on how to handle it.  This skill has helped our team immensely and reduced the time we take to resolve everyday challenges.

Would you recommend Lisa to others?  Why?  What type of company/organization would most benefit from working with her?

I would recommend Lisa to any team wanting more or desiring to be better than they are today. We are all better professionals and leaders today because of the time we spent with Lisa. She helped us get to the heart of our issues and not discuss them just on the periphery. Challenges are so much easier to solve when you clearly understand the problem and all data is on the table to discuss.  I think many of us today think we are smart enough to solve the problems or can figure it out on our own, which might be accurate, but our business growth was sped up tremendously because of Lisa’s help.

What would you say to someone who was thinking of hiring Lisa - but wasn’t sure if it was the right move?

Spend the money and hire Lisa today. The amount of money your organization will save through process improvement, cost strategies, and/or growth opportunities will more than pay for her services. Our company would not be in the position we are in today without her.  I truly believe our growth and improvement was sped up by years because Lisa was on our team and helped push us along.

Other comments?

Lisa possesses a great track record, good business experience, a witty personality and invaluable insights to help any organization be successful. I have thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to get to know her and learn from her.

Chris Smith

President, Landmark Home Warranty